Dr. Gerard T. Schuster

  Professor of Geology & Geophysics
  Director of the Utah Tomography & Modeling/Migration Consortium

Office: 460 INSCC
Phone: (801) 581-4373
Email: j.schuster@utah.edu

 B.S. Physics & Chemistry, 1972, Portland State University
 M.S. Applied Geophysics, 1982, Columbia University
 Ph.D. Applied Geophysics, 1984, Columbia University

Research Interests:
I am interested in forward modeling and seismic imaging methods, with applications to exploration, engineering and earthquake seismology. I have developed an engineering and environmental research program with the use of our GPR and 168-channel seismic instrumentation.

Utah Tomography and Modeling/Migration Consortium
135 S. 1460 E, Room 719 . Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0111 . Phone: (801) 585-1538