2009 Annual Meeting Assignments (Jan. 7-8, 2010)

    Responsibilities for the annual meeting are the following.

  1. Yanwei: Ask Chris Carver to reserve lunch and snacks on Thursday. Arrange morning snacks on Friday. See schedule http://utam2.geophys.utah.edu/sp_mt09/ann.html for times of each break. Check to make sure all food is going to be delivered. Make sure the attendees are correct and put on the web pages. make sure the sticker for book, and badge/name card, reservation is correct. Get names of attendees and post them on our www site today! Make sure you get attendees names from Thea and put them on the WWW site.

  2. Qiong and Sherif Hanafy: Provide/organize sponsors rides to dinner and lunch. Lunch will be at ????Alumni house (check with Hannah), dinner is at ????. Ask for addresses from Chris or look at WWW site for meeting. Leave Univ. Guest House get sign up sheet from sponsors Wednsday/Thurdsday morning to see who needs a ride to dinner Thursday nite. Please arrange for morning rides at 7:45AM from Guesthouse+Marriot Hotel to INSCC both days of meeting. Put big advertisements in hotel saying when rides will pick up, also make sure schedule of talks is posted both in hotel and at UTAM meeting. Use our suburban. Also, arrange two big suburbans to drive UTAM guests to the Cucinas (talk to Thea). Ask others as well. Make sure a poster of talks and announcement of rides is posted at the hotel by Wed nite. Xin, Shengdong, Wei Dai will be the drivers.

  3. Sam+Shengdong +Yanwei responsible for the annual book + www posting. Every report should have something reproducible.

  4. Qiong, Yanwei, and Sergio: Get poster stands from INSCC people. Organize posters from everyone and show them according to talk schedule. We need posters from everyone according to best results. Make sure all have done posters. Get nice looking poster holders from INSCC this weekend. Make sure schedule of talks is nicely posterized. Set up posters nite before Feb. 5. Get name tags from Chris (Yanwei) and put them on books waiting for UTAM members. We need thee types of name tags: Name tag to pin to shirt, name tag to put on annual report, name tag to put on poster book. All should hand in posters to Mickey by Friday before meeting....can you give Mickey a heads up.

  5. Xin+Shengdong+Qiong: Reserve Sutton auditorium for practice talks Sunday (Jan 3) and Tuesday nite prior to meeting. Xin, bring laptop to Sutton and set up prior to talks that start at 5PM Sunday.

  6. UTAM Book on WWW (html, pdf, and ps). Chaiwoot, etc .. make sure site is password protected. Make sure html and pdf are of high quality. In past we have had problems.

  7. Practice talks. Weiping, please bring a laptop and load up all talks prior to the Wed rehearsal in the seminar room INSCC 4th floor.

  8. Ge will compose question form and hand out and collect questionaire at end of meeting Friday Feb. 6. see me now with questions to be posed.