The Handbook of UTAM Tomobook

Xiang Xiao and C. Boonyasiriwat

Template and Example Latex Files

Here is the template file: template.tex

Here is an example: example.tex, vel.eps

Simple Commands for Compilation and Conversion

To compile a Latex file, use: latex file.tex

To view a DVI file, use: xdvi file.dvi

To view a PS/PDF file, use: kghostview or kghostview file.pdf

To convert a DVI file to a PS file, use: dvips file.dvi

To convert a DVI file to a PDF file, use: dvipdf file.dvi file.pdf


1. what we have? create.tomo.tar

tar -tf create.tomo.tar























also all the tomobook tex backup is on the tomofs server, go through
to check for more examples. and all the following report TEX should backup in the server

1. PRO, 02_cp.csh

Usage: pro fname1 fname2 path_of_fname1 short_title

fname1: source latex file name without '.tex'

fname2: processed latex file name without '.tex'

path_of_fname1: the absolute path of the source file

short_title: short title string, like 'Migration Method'

the short title is for the chapter title on the page header. Make sure it's short enough

for a single example:

pro /uufs/ xxiao_inter /uufs/ 'Salt Flank Imaging'

what pro does:

cp interferometry.tex to xxiao_inter_single.tex and modify it to xxiao_inter.tex,

for tomobook (see the difference shown below). cp the the figures and save them in fig/seismic or fig/utamfs, the figures location should be relative path or abosolute path with uufs/, and then compile the ps file (don't save it in the PS/. Directory or it will cover a good file which already save in this directory);

2. edit the PREFACE.tex

for preface, remember to change pagebreak to newpage, and change the first several lines to:






\Large{\bf{2004 UTAM ACCOMPLISHMENTS}}\\


This report summarizes

the midyear 2004 research accomplishments of the UTAM researchers. .......

3. edit tomobk.tex

  1. change the year to current year, modify author names, modify the included LaTex filenames. For and tomobk.pdf.tex

  1. correct the errors for every latex file;

  1. content, use different tex file locate in the content directory, long title including author name to make contents. Use
    for example:
    \chapter[Interferometrically Removing the Kinematic Effects of Salt or Overburden in VSP, CDP and HSP Data (G.T. Schuster, J. Yu and Y. Sun)]

    \chapterauthor{Gerard T. Schuster, Jianhua Yu, and Yonghe Sun}

    1. make content using different latex file in contents directory. Simply put author name and the full paper title on it.

    2. Make sure it's chapter title(with first character capitalized); and proper noun every character capitalized; and prep. uncapitalized.

  1. author and title

    1. chapter title:the shorttitle in pro command is for the chapter title on the page header. Make sure it's short enough.

    2. Author name: if have multi author, and too long, use \\ to endline, so it will get good seperate in pdf files.

    3. Title: must be capitalized in the {\bf }. But not in the content.

  1. \vspace{1cm}

  2. No large and other font definition in the chapter, you can delete every command line if you want; (remove every newcommand definition if you want, but no recommend, or you should correct the formula by hand);

  3. Section and subsection: all section must be centering, all subsection must be left (without centering), make sure don't miss up section and subsection.

    1. The first line must be blank

    2. the last line must end with \\\\, not the figures.

    3. Section must be capitalized, subsection only the first character capitalized

    4. make sure don't miss up section and subsection. For example, introduction mistaked as subsection

  4. Equation

    1. make long equations to equarray, and make them look nice.

  5. figures

    1. wideth 5.5 inch the largest

    2. center captions( no font definition in captions)

    3. \begin{minipage}[t]{2.9in} change to large enough than the figures width 3.5in or 3.0in

    4. student version of matlab, replace it with blank in all ps file in fig directory,

  6. reference

\begin{description}{\leftmargin 0.5in}

\item Keho, T., 1986, The vertical seismic profile: Imaging heterogeneous media: MIT



    1. remove the blank between 0.5 and in

    2. use \item instead of \incident . Don't use change all but change separetly.

4. check the tomobk and print in kinkos

When checking the tomobook, check carefully the equations, figures and tables.

Usually equations are too long for the page, and tables too wide ...

1.the fisrt page need to separate and shrink, needs the windows fit the “2004 annual “

2. odd pages are at the right.

5. creating PDF fies

  1. ssh to fault, using 03_create_pdf.csh, this command needs dvipdfm command which only exist in fault. The gopdf2 command in 03_create_pdf.csh will mv the compile files automatically into directory PDF

  2. Checking your pdf file, for the tabel, figures, (exspecillay large figures and figures make in xfig , or rotate files, and several figures are maded in a page with hfill and vfill);

  3. alternate option is to use ctex or others textools, use dvi2pdf in ctex.

  4. The ps2pdf or acrobat batch conversion is of low quality, are not allowed.

  5. Save all pdf files in PDF files, and backup your texfile for the pdf compling.

6.construct html book and webpage

  1. change to user jerry: su jerry

  2. create directory 04_ann and 04_mid in directory /uufs/

  3. create 04_ann.html and 04_mid.html and link to the reports.html, change the main page to map to the newreport.

  1. create 04_ann.html and then whole html version report.

  2. Be carefully about the capitalized of the single report ps/pdf page