UTAM Meeting Handbook

How to get 3 poster boards

Contact Helen, room 114, JFB, to borrow the boards and make an appointment to pick up the boards. In case you cannot find her, goto Matt Delong, 3rd Floor, JFB.

How to get a PO number for printing the UTAM books at Kinko

Tell Kinko to call Thea and ask for the PO number at 801-581-7062.

How to be eligible to drive a state vehicle

Go to the Reserve Desk at the Mariott Library and take a defensive driving test. After you pass the test, you are eligible to drive a state vehicle for 3 years. You need to watch the defensize driving video again after 3 years.

Latex Problems and Solutions

Too many figures
When you put too many figures in your Latex report, you will get an error about floating points. This problem can be solved by using the Latex command \clearpage. Put this command after a few figures. Latex will end the current page and flush figures in that page.