Presented by Chaiwoot Boonyasiriwat


FFTW is a public library for computing the discrete Fourier transform in one or more dimensions. Their benchmarks show that FFTW is the fastest public FFT software. This is crucial for codes with large computational loads. You might want to make every step of your code run as fast as possible. For more information go to the website: FFTW

Example Codes

Currently, I have an example code in Fortran 90. If you want some examples in C or Fortran 77, please tell me. CHPC only installed FFTW on the clusters. Therefore, you have to log in to a cluster to compile and run the code. Once you have downloaded the following files, type "make". An executable file "fft" will be generated. You can simply type "fft" to run it. If you get an error about PathScale compiler, do the following.

source /uufs/CLUSTER/sys/pkg/pscale/std/etc/pscale.csh
where CLUSTER is your current cluster name, e.g., "landscapearch.arches".

Fortran 90