DDS Tutorials

Xiang Xiao

Sept. 18, 2006

  • Jerry Ehlers online tutorial
  • A DDS sample code
  • Introduction to DDS
  • UTAM DDS/USP/SEPLIB resource:
    • Seplib is:
      on Arches in /uufs/arches/sys/pkg/Seplib/std
      on geophys desktops in /uufs/
    • FreeUSP and DDS are:
      on Arches in /uufs/arches/sys/pkg/FreeUSP/std
      on geophys desktops in /uufs/
    • To use FreeUSP and DDS, you also need to set up the paths and the environment, I have written a file that does all this at once, which needs to be sourced. I recomend to put this source to your .tcshrc or equivalent.
    • On Arches:
      source /uufs/arches/sys/pkg/FreeUSP/std/etc/freeusp.csh
      on the geophys desktops:
      source /uufs/
    • Note that all the builds are 64 bit, so, don't try to run them on 32 bit desktops. Thank Martin Cuma for compiling all the freeware.