2006 JSEG Meeting and other Talks

2006+2007 Talks, Abstracts, and Posters

UTAM (10/01/06) New Orleans SEG Posters
UTAM (Schuster, 10/02/06) UTAM Talk
PPT (45 minutes)
Delft (Schuster, 10/15/06) Seismic Interferometry
PPT (2.5 hours)
Kunming, China (Schuster, 10/24/06) Kunming, China Talk
PPT (30 minutes)
JSEG Kyoto (Schuster, 11/24/06) Benefits, Liabilities, and Examples of Interferometric Imaging (PDF)
PPT Talk (30 minutes)
EAGE Dubai (Schuster, 12/13/06) Obtaining Virtual Surface Seismic Data from Passive Seismic Arrays along Wells (PDF)
PDF Abstract and PPT
NorskHydro Bergen, Norway (Schuster, 12/16/06) Surface Seismic Data from Passive VSP Data (50 min.) and "3x3 Classification Matrix for Seismic Interferometry (50 min.)"
Talk 1 and Talk 2
Capetown, S. Africa (Schuster, 04/01/07) Basic Seismology (PDF)
PDF Abstract
Muscat, Oman (Schuster, 03/25/07) Interferometry Overview at Shell Conference
PDF Abstract
Dublin, Ireland (Schuster, 03/28/07) SWD
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia (Schuster, spring/07)6 Talks
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