1. Migration Deconvolution of 3D Postack Marine Data Shows Noticeable Improvement in Resolution and Artifact Reduction.
    • IMPLICATION: Acquisition Footprint can be Partly Suppressed.

  2. Wavepath Migration Shows Significant Speedup in CPU Time Compared to Kirchhoff Migration. The Penalty is Somewhat Reduced Image Quality.
    • IMPLICATION: 3-D Integral Prestack Migration in 1/10 the Cost?

  3. Synthetic Tests Show Salt Bodies and Ore Bodies can be Imaged by PS Transmission Waves.
    • IMPLICATION: Single Well Imaging of Salt Flanks Realistic?
    • Ore Body Imaging with Crosswell Experiments.

  4. Maximum Entropy Migration Shows Ability to Suppress Migration Noise in Least Squares Migration.
    • IMPLICATION: Robust LSM.

  5. Extended Diffraction-Slice Theorem for Wavepath Traveltime Tomography and Inhomogeneous Media.
    • IMPLICATION: Resolution Estimates for Traveltime Tomography in Any Medium. Perhaps Faster Inversions.

  6. Reflection Wavepath Tomography Without Interface Parameterization.
    • IMPLICATION: No Messy Interface Parameterization.

  7. True Amplitude Remigration.
    • IMPLICATION: Improved AVO Method.

  8. 3-D Anisotropic Traveltime Method.
    • IMPLICATION: Migration and Tomography in 3-D Anisotropic Media.

    • IMPLICATION: Easy Design of SU Commands.