1. Migration Deconvolution of Acquisition Footprint.

  2. Automatic Design of Optimal Acquisition Geometry.

  3. Migration Greens Function: Stationary Phase and Farfield Approximations.

  4. Migration Filtering: PP, SS, and PS Waves and Surface Waves in CDP Data.

  5. Viscoelastic WTW Reconstruction of Poisson Ratios. AVO Implications.

  6. Least Squares Migration of CDP Data.

  7. LSM, VSP's and AVO Possibilities.

  8. Economical IVSP or Crosswell Experiments with Tube Waves?

  9. Better Absorbing Boundary Condition.

  10. 3D Tomogram and Ground Truth.

  11. Autocorrelogram Migration of RVSP Data.

  12. PROMAX module: 2-D TI Modeling.

  13. GOCAD modules: 3-D and 2-D Modeling.