1. Interferometric Imaging
    • IMPLICATIONS: New general theory for imaging crosscorrelograms.
      • Practical IVSPWD imaging with horizontal drilling.
      • Possible means for migrating multiples in CDP data.
    • PROBLEMS: Need for more robust way to combine crosscorrelogram and Kirchhoff migration images; need to reduce virtual multiple artifacts.

  2. Instability of Migration Deconvolution Solved by Regularization
    • IMPLICATION: Poststack MD ready for commercialization.
    • PROBLEMS: Further testing for prestack MD.

  3. Prestack Migration Deconvolution in COG Domain
    • IMPLICATION: COG more effective domain for prestack MD.
    • PROBLEMS: Further testing with field examples.

  4. Improved DMO Deconvolution Developed
    • IMPLICATION: Improved resolution and artifact reduction in DMO images.
    • PROBLEMS: Further tests are needed.

  5. 3-D Wavepath Migration Velocity Analysis
    • IMPLICATIONS: Faster velocity analysis method.
    • PROBLEMS: Sensitivity to incidence angle estimation, further tests are needed.

  6. Salt Boundaries and Ore Bodies can be Imaged by Migrating PS Transmission Waves.
      • Single well imaging of salt flanks realistic!?
      • Ore Body Imaging with Crosswell Experiments.
    • PROBLEMS: Not enough data tests.

  7. Interferometric Statics
    • IMPLICATION: Effective statics for either reflections or refractions. No surface consistency assumption is needed.
    • PROBLEMS: Not enough data tests.

  8. Free Surface Multiples Migrated by Reverse-Time Migration
    • IMPLICATION: Use free-surface multiples to image both primaries and free-surface multiples simultaneously.

  9. 3-D Prestack Wave Equation with Phase Encoding
    • GOALS:
      • New direction for UTAM.
      • Reduce cost of wave equation migration to that of Kirchhoff migration.
      • Explore new effective approaches (phase encoding, data compression, etc.) to wave equation imaging.