1. 2-D Constrained Prestack Kirchhoff Migration

Author: Fuhao Qin and Wenying Cai (1993)

This is a Kirchhoff integral migration code that migrates cross-well seismic data. It applies a reflector dip angle constraint and a large incidence angle constraint during the migration process.

"README" = readme file;

"mig-x.f" = migration code; "front.f" = eikonal equation subroutine;

"segy.h" = include header file; "mig-x.in1"; = two input file examples.

2. Kirchhoff Depth Migration

Author Changxi Zhou (1996)

This is a Kirchhoff depth migration code that can be used for 3-D or 2-D prestack or poststack migration.

"README" = readme file; "dephmig.tar.gz" = migration package.