1. Filter Coherent Events with A Wavelet Transform

Author: Yonghe Sun (1993)

To remove or extract coherent events in a CSP gather or other types of gathers. The coherent events can be tube waves, ground roll, first arrivals, or other coherent type of noise or signals.

"README" = readme file;

"wvltf.f" = main filtering code; "wvfilt.f" = wavelet filter subroutine;

"segy2fuf.f" = Convert file from SEGY to Fortran unformatted;

"fuf2segy.f" = Convert file from Fortran unformatted to SEGY;

"" ;"" = include files;

"" = Sample namelist input file for "wvfilt.f";

"unfiltsegy.dat" = Sample SEGY formatted CSP gather;

"unfiltfuf.dat" = Sample Fortran unformatted CSP gather;

"tpick.dat" = Sample picked travel time data;

"" = Second sample namelist input file for "wvfilt.f";

"tpickT1.dat" = Second sample picked travel time data;

"" = Third sample namelist input file for "wvfilt.f";

"tpickT2.dat" = Third sample picked travel time data.