1. Convert data format between Fortran unformatted and SU format.

Author: Chengjun Wu(1996)

Execute the program 'convert' to the original Fortran unformatted (or SU format) data set, the converted output with SU format (or Fortran unformatted) is obtained.

"README" = readme file for convert code;

"doconvert" = execution code to call convert code;

"ftsu.f" = convert code which can be used to conver Fortran unformatted data to SU format data or reverse;

"" = include file for convert code;

"" = input file (example) for convert code, contains trace number and sample interval;

"pre1" = input data set (example), Fortran unformatted data set( output seismograms of forward modeling code PP4.F).